Saturday, February 28, 2009

Storming Again

To be very brief about it, I was asked to supply some potential cover illustrations for a course catalog...and suffering from a bit of "designer's block" I modified my old Stormhouse project yet again to fit the required graphic constraints. I was very tempted to throw in some Edgar Allan Poe references or perhaps some visual hints of Caspar David Friedrich, but in the end decided against both.

And a graphically harsher alternate version:

I can't imagine that either one of these will actually appear on the catalog...the idea is simply too far beyond the pale for an architecture school's advertisement for its continuing education program.


Paulo Guerreiro said...

both look good !!! I would also try a grayscale version of the m both... just to see the general look.

Congrats, Stormhouse was used by autodesk in the 3dsmax 2010 presentation. (and they gave you credit too)

greetings from sunny Lisbon ;)

Lewis Wadsworth said...

I only recently found about the 3DS Max advertisement! It's a little odd, since I don't really use that program, and it was certainly not used in the creation of the model or the published renderings!